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Our Story and Mission

Who we are?

We are a family who has battled breast cancer and lung cancer. My dad lost his battle with lung cancer in 2012. Michelle and I are twin sisters who have been diagnosed with, battled, and survived breast cancer. We have learned so much during our journey and are passionate about helping others to have the natural remedies and resources needed to not only survive cancer, but thrive.

Our Mission

To provide access to natural remedies and other needed resources including financial gifts that will allow families and individuals battling cancer to take control of their journey to wellness. We want to help people to heal from the inside out (healthy food, vitamins, superfoods, and powders that boost the immune system, detoxify the body, and improve energy and mood as well as natural options for skincare/hair care. A visit to a Naturopathic doctor is not covered by insurance, therefore we want to support those who want to seek out natural treatments. Healthy and all natural options are often not considered due to the expense so we want to help remove that obstacle to healing. A diagnosis of cancer is life changing and we want to support cancer patients and their families so they feel love, compassion, and can begin to be filled with hope as the healing begins. To do this we will :

Connections-make lasting and meaningful connections with the people we support

Alleviate stress by providing families with natural remedies and resources.

Raise awareness about natural remedies for treatment and prevention of disease

Empower each patient and family by helping them take control of their wellness journey

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